[horde] Imp Remote Account Status

Bastian Klein b.klein at bkims.de
Sun Jun 29 05:23:08 UTC 2014

  Zitat von Bastian Klein <b.klein at bkims.de>:

> Hi all!
> Not knowing where to look for, so i will ask here.
> Which Status has the Remote Account Feature in IMP?
> Is the Function near final for 6.2 or just a preview?
> I have a customer wanting this feature very much, but i dont think this
> state would make him happy at all.
> - I think for usability purpose we have to store passwords of course
> - Why do i have to setup a password in settings when i am prompt to give
> password after each IMP login?
> - Why is it not showing the folders Names only? Treeview is there but
> Naming is very confusing for Customer because they create Folders like
> "Mails from Boss" not "INBOX.SomeFolder.MailsFromBoss" like they see them
> in Remote Accounts .
> (Translations are although only working for Folder "INBOX" but not for
> Drafts, Sent and Trash as they do in Local Account)
> - I think it would be a must habe feature to get info about new emails at
> least in INBOX from Remote account somewhere.
> At lease Remote Accounts(Number auf new Mails).
> Please let me know, where i can put such requests or if there is
> in development for remote accounts.
> Thanks in advance. You are doing a great job on horde!
> Best regards,
> Bastian
> bk:ims
> Phone: +49 (5344) 2590066
> Mobil: +49 (179) 7425446
> Mail: b.klein at bkims.de
> --

First of all,

sorry for mixing up german and english in last mail, hopefully it was
readable at all.

Unfortunatly the is not correct in my opinion in tree view.
INBOX is on same level as INBOX.Folder1, INBOX.Folder2 and so on.

After this, die hiearchy seems to be ok (but not the names in my opinion).

I could make the Inbox of the Remote-Inbox check for new mail, this would
be ok i think.


Phone: +49 (5344) 2590066
Mobil: +49 (179) 7425446
Mail: b.klein at bkims.de

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