[horde] Horde 5.2 Active-Sync Calendar sync android

Jens-U. Mozdzen jmozdzen at nde.ag
Wed Jul 23 14:39:35 UTC 2014

Hi Stefan,

Zitat von stefan.buehler at mailcarrier.ch:
> Hi all
> Hope you can help me. With the previous versions of Horde (5.1),  
> I've synced the calender via activesync to the androis smartphones.
> After the upgrade to 5.2, the android phones had the status synced,  
> may in the calendar was no entry.
> I think, its pherhaps a new configuration...
> Has anyone an idea or is it a bug?

after switching to 5.2, I immediately activated the "sync multiple  
calendars" feature and tried to resync, without luck. Even removing  
the device from Horde, nor deleting (and re-adding) the account on the  
phone didn't do any good.

Once I switched back (deactivated synching multiple calendars,  
accounts, notes etc) and re-synched, it was working again.

So a) 5.2 sync to Android (4.3 in my case) works, but b) multi-account  
synching doesn't, at least in my case.


PS: No, I didn't try to debug - it was a quick test, without actually  
having time to take care of things.

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