[horde] KitKat email clients with Horde

Volker Then horde40 at volkerthen.com
Thu Sep 4 21:18:01 UTC 2014

Zitat von Volker Then <horde40 at volkerthen.com>:

> Zitat von Volker Then <horde40 at volkerthen.com>:
> Nine Android ActiveSync client update, version 1.4.2: All user  
> defined flags ("categories") are synchronized and show up on each  
> email that has such a flag. The client even shows my configured  
> vacation messages from ingo, but it doesn't show the correct start  
> and end dates. Setting up a vacation message seems to work, when no  
> start and end dates are given.

This seems to be contradictory to what is said on


> The only flags supported by ActiveSync are the seen and flagged for  
> follow up flags.

Other flags I see supported are the replied to and forwarded flag.


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