[horde] VFS issue and systemd

Randy horde at anr.net
Sun Sep 7 14:10:04 UTC 2014

OK, now I think it is a Horde issue.

I found that systemd has a PrivateTmp setting that can be set to false  
to get horde to use the  regular /tmp file, but that doesn't seem to  
be the problem.

I'm using Whups and when I attach a file to a new ticket, I get an  
error message that the ticket has failed because horde can't save the  
file (the error message matches whatever path I have set in Horde for  
the VFS using the file system). Then I can update the ticket and the  
attachment will save just fine. it seems that it fails because the  
attachment path does not exist, yet it creates it. subsequent updates  
will use that path.

Any ideas?


Quoting Randy <horde at anr.net>:

> That's strange.
> If I set the VFS root to "/tmp" in horde, I find it here:
> /tmp/systemd-httpd.service-XSLEi2u/tmp/.horde/
> Other attempts at writing a different root fail unless it exists  
> under that systemd-httpd folder. Even if I create the folder and set  
> the ownership and permissions, it fails.
> Quoting Vilius Sumskas/LNK <vilius at lnk.lt>:
>> Nor Fedora nor systemd chroots apache to /tmp. You are doing something
>> wrong.
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