[horde] Addition to ActiveSync Wiki page : php-fpm+mod_proxy_fcgi+ProxyErrorOverride = rpc.php error message hidden

Torben Dannhauer torben at dannhauer.info
Thu Sep 25 16:46:40 UTC 2014

Dear List,


today I spend several hours hunting a bug which was none. Could you please
add a hint to the activesync wiki page?


The story is:

I'm using PHP-fpm with apache 2.4.10 and mod_proxy_fcgi.


While setting up the autodiscover and the ActiveSync rewrites in apache, I
tested it via the browser (looking for the "access via browser is not
supported" message).

This message was never shown, only an apache misconfiguration error page.


So I hunted for several hours what was wrong with my redirects, but .
nothing was wrong as I finally discovered in the horde logs.


The solution was:

To override PHP-FPMs plain error messages with Apaches standard error
messages, I activated the option "ProxyErrorOverride On".

A side-effect of this option is, that setting calling hordes rpc.php via
rewrite is interpreted as error by apache and it shows the override error
message instead of hordes "access via browser is not supported" message.


Maybe it is worth to give a hint on the activesync wiki page..








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