[horde] Horde suddenly started half-working

Louis-Philippe Allard lp.allard.1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 01:25:21 UTC 2014


Ive been using my current horde setup for about  3 months and all was fine
until tonight where I tried to send an email and it never finished.  This
is the behavior and symptoms Ive observed:

-Compose a test email to myself (send it to myself), press send, the window
becomes gray and the spinning wheel spins forever

-The spinner beside "Refresh" in the main email window keeps spinning

-While this happens, the test email do not arrive in inbox (so as anything

-Pressing F5 on browser (refresh) causes 10 to 20 red error alerts "Error
communicating with server" to appear

-Closing browser and reopening, the test email arrive in inbox and confirms
that even if the compose window never finished and closed, the email was
indeed sent.

I tried restarting httpd,  flushing temp files on the server, looking at
httpd logs, flushing firefox cache manually (although set to auto clean at
shutdown) nothing helps.

I swear yesterday all was fine but today this is broken. How to


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