[horde] Categories/tags with ActiveSync on Android

horde_mailing at der-domi.de horde_mailing at der-domi.de
Thu Oct 9 05:26:07 UTC 2014


Now I want to ask you why my groups (categories, tags) for my Android  
phone doesn't work.

If I want to create a new contact for the Exchange account I don't get  
the offer to add a group field (I can offer a screenshot if required).  
But it works for the local phone address book.

The synchronized contacts (from Horde to phone) do also have no groups  
included. But in the debug file I found the correct entry:

Does somebody know if there is a hidden option to activate the groups  
for an Exchange account? It is reproducable on my phone and tablet  
(both with CyanogenMod 11).

A long time ago the categories/groups already works fine. If I  
remember correct it was before changing the categories to tags in Turba.

Thank you

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