[horde] Categories/tags with ActiveSync on Android

horde_mailing at der-domi.de horde_mailing at der-domi.de
Thu Oct 9 20:14:23 UTC 2014

Zitat von Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:

> Quoting horde_mailing at der-domi.de:
>> Hey!
>> Now I want to ask you why my groups (categories, tags) for my  
>> Android phone doesn't work.
>> If I want to create a new contact for the Exchange account I don't  
>> get the offer to add a group field (I can offer a screenshot if  
>> required). But it works for the local phone address book.
> If it's not shown in the UI for your client as an option to add,  
> then it's likely not supported by the client.

But it has been already worked with Exchange (see my first mail). The  
Google account offers also groups to select. Only the Exchange account  
not. Okay, I updated CyanogenMod...

>> The synchronized contacts (from Horde to phone) do also have no  
>> groups included. But in the debug file I found the correct entry:
>> <POOMCONTACTS:Categories>
>> foobar
>> </POOMCONTACTS:Categories>
> This is incorrect. Each category should be wrapped in a  
> <POOMCONTACTS:Category> tag as well. This was fixed in Turba around  
> a month ago, though it might not have been released to PEAR yet.

Alright. I will wait for the next Turba release and check it again.

>> Does somebody know if there is a hidden option to activate the  
>> groups for an Exchange account? It is reproducable on my phone and  
>> tablet (both with CyanogenMod 11).
>> A long time ago the categories/groups already works fine. If I  
>> remember correct it was before changing the categories to tags in  
>> Turba.

Thank you

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