[horde] migration of groups of user from old versions of kronolith/... to actual versions

josef radinger cheese at nosuchhost.net
Sat Oct 11 13:38:03 UTC 2014


i have a productive hordesystem with very old versions of turba and
horde itself.

turba is 2.3.1
horde is 3.3.4

and i have a new installation (complete new mailsystem, mailman and
horde, turba, kronolith, nag, ...). horde + friends is at 5.2.1 or their
latest stable versions.

how would i upgrade the users config/prefs and their data from turba. i
cannot migrate the old system in one step. i cannot migrate all users at
the same time. i need a way to dump the old data and import that
correctly into the new installation.

is there any procedure for doing so?
could i use the migration-scripts from e.g. turba from the command line?


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