[horde] upgrading / scripts folder?

Joe @ 3ZZZ joe at 3zzz.net
Sun Oct 12 05:19:03 UTC 2014

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>>>> On 10/6/2014 7:33 AM, Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
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>>>>>> Hello -
>>>>>> I've been trying to upgrade from Horde 3 to 5, but seem to be  
>>>>>> stuck. My new installation of Horde doesn't have a scripts  
>>>>>> directory - is that where I'd find any SQL upgrade scripts?  
>>>>>> Haven't been able to find that anywhere.  Do I need to look on  
>>>>>> Git?
>>>>> Starting with Horde 4, we moved to a "migrations" system that is  
>>>>> responsible for maintaining the db schema between versions. The  
>>>>> migration system assumes that any existing database schema that  
>>>>> hasn't been migrated is in the same state it would have been as  
>>>>> of the last stable version of Horde 3. It sounds to me like at  
>>>>> least some of your applications were not fully up to date with  
>>>>> H3 when you decided to move to H5.
>>>>>> Below is a summary of the issues I'm seeing on the new system.   
>>>>>> Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions,
>>>>>> Joe
>>>>>> installed horde with pear and it did not seem to come with a  
>>>>>> scripts directory?
>>>>>> "At least one database schema is outdated"
>>>>>> mnemo is coming from H3 (2.2.3)
>>>>>> when i try to update the schema for mnemo, this is the error:
>>>>>> QUERY FAILED: Unknown column 'share_parents' in 'mnemo_shares'  
>>>>>> ALTER TABLE `mnemo_shares` CHANGE `share_parents`  
>>>>>> `share_parents` varchar(4000)
>>>>> See above.
>>>> Hello -
>>>> I brought up a copy of the old Horde 3 server and upgraded all  
>>>> items to the latest H3 versions.  They were all minor updates and  
>>>> didn't require any database updates.  The setup page shows  
>>>> they're all ready yet mnemo_shares table still doesn't have a  
>>>> share_parents column, so I don't think upgrading mnemo from 2.2.3  
>>>> to 2.2.5 was enough to make this work.
>>>> I looked in scripts/upgrade and there's nothing new for my  
>>>> versions.  I looked at sharesng.sql, but I can see it won't add  
>>>> that column...
>>>> upgrades]# grep share_parents * --> no output...
>>>> Is upgrading to H5 on this copy going to work?  What provides this column?
>>> It's added in the "5" migration for Mnemo. See  
>>> mnemo/migration/5_mnemo_upgrade_sqlnghierarchal.php
>> Thank you!  I see the script - is there any documentation about the  
>> migration folders?  I haven't been able to find anything yet.  This  
>> is what I have, Is it best to run everything in there, or is it  
>> something that should have happened through the web Administration?
> These are the files that are executed when you upgrade the schema  
> via the web administration. Alternatively, you can run them manually  
> using the horde-db-migration script.

i wonder why the column didn't get added when i updated through the  
web config initially?  I finally just added the share_parents column  
to mnemo_shares manually and it seemed to work.  Same for Kronolith.
> ALTER TABLE kronolith_shares add column share_parents int(11);

(the datatype's wrong but who cares since horde-db-migrate is looking  
to fix this column anyway... and it did, now varchar(4000))  After  
running horde-db-migrate from cmd line, config page now says "SQL DB  
schema is ready."  for all apps.

But my memos don't show up.  I can see in the database that  
mnemo_memos.memo_owner of my old notes is my email address in plain  
text, whereas for the new notes it's an encrypted string.  Updated all  
of my notes by doing an SQL
UPDATE mnemo_memos SET memo_owner = 'Encrypted string' WHERE  
memo_owner = 'my email', and there they are!
Now how can I run the same update for my users; how can I encrypt  
their email to get the new owner id?

thank you again,

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