[horde] horde/passwd

Erling Preben Hansen erling at eph.dk
Tue Dec 9 11:42:24 UTC 2014

  Citat af Anton Köstlbacher <horde3 at dingsbums.org>:

> Hello Horders,
> my installation of horde (5.2.4) works great but i'm still trying to
> improve configuration if possible.
> I switched horde auth from imp+imap to sql-auth with custom queries
> against my postfix/dovecot mailbox db and entered all necessary queries.
> Works like a charm.
> Then I installed horde passwd to enable customers to change passwords.
> If I set backend to "hordeauth" in
> webmail/passwd/config/backends.local.php and try to change the password,
> it doesn't work. I get logged out, but password stays the same.
> Questions:
> Do I have to set "sql" as backend for passwd and enter the same queries
> as in horde conf or what else could be wrong?
> How can I force users to change their passwords on first login and also
> after a defined period of time?
> I read on the list that integration of passwd directly into horde was
> planned. Would make life easier I think.
> Thanks for your help!
> Regards,
> Anton
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If you wan't to change the password in the mail db then you need to use sql
It wouldn't work when you  try to change in Hordeauth and then ask the
mail db for the password.
Unless of course Hordeauth can set the changes in your mail db.
In any case you would need to setup a sql query to change mail db passwd.


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