[horde] Strange Active Sync Problem with leaking calender data

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Wed Dec 10 17:23:49 UTC 2014

Quoting lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de:

> Zitat von Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:
>> I don't see how that would be related, unless one of those stale  
>> entries were for the same device, but different > account. Even  
>> then, it would be a client issue since once the account was deleted  
>> client-side, it should no longer be attempting to contact the server.
> This was only a wild guess as i have no idea how this should happen  
> otherwise. Facts are that User A had only their own events in the  
> WebUI but at the iPhone also the events from User B. Trying to  
> delete on the Phone lead to the error shown...
>> Is it possible this was a meeting where both parties were involved?  
>> The only way this would be possible, as far > as I can see, is if  
>> that UID was present in both of the users' calendar.
> No, i have checked two of the events, none of them had something  
> special, it where simple events created in the WebUI. It was also  
> the case that all events from User B appear at User A Phone, thats  
> why i suspected a (device) ID clash of some form. As said all other  
> users (around 30) work fine with the same settings...

The device is identified by both the device's id and the username for  
the account (not to mention the login to Horde itself would be for the  
specific user. The only way for this to have been anything close to a  
cause of this is if user A also used the same client (or a client with  
the same supposedly unique identifier) that user B did at some point  
and the account (for whatever reason) was still sort-of active on the  

> Really bad User B had deleted some old EAS anchors, because after  
> this it looks like fixed so i could not really test any more :-(

A long shot, but you could check your horde log if it was enabled to  
see if you can see any weird-ish kronolith queries.

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