[horde] Trouble installing Horde

Erling Preben Hansen erling at eph.dk
Mon Dec 29 09:05:30 UTC 2014

  Citat af lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de:

> Zitat von Luis Felipe Marzagao <lfbm.andamentos at gmail.com>:
>> On 27-12-2014 10:28, Roland Clemens Gutsch wrote:
>>> Hi @all and thanks for all the help.
>>> I did not succeed to install Horde on Ubuntu, so I installed Debian
>>> Wheezy and that sorted the problem.
>>> I do not know what the problem with Ubuntu is, but I just needed a
>>> mailserver and did not want to upgrade Ubuntu.
>>> PS: I do not know about the -Z option, it was a suggestion on this
>> -Z option in pear means the files will be uncompressed when they are
>> downloaded. This is necessary in Ubuntu 14.04 due to a bug. It's a
>> workaround in order to use pear correctly untill this bug get fixed.
> Huh, any hint what bug this is? I just installed Horde/IMP two days ago
> on Ubuntu 14.04 and it is working as expected..
> Thanks
> Andreas
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  Hey Andreas

The bug is only in Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit systems.
If you are useng 64 bits you are good to go.
It is because pear use a comend like (gzopen something)
but it must be (gzopen64 something)

because gzopen 32 bit aparently don't exists.
or whatever?

This affects several other command too.
So to get thing working.
If you is using a 32 bit  install.
To use the -Z option when using pear.


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