[horde] [Horde 5.3.0-git + pgsql + dovecot + debian7 + apache2] No applications on a fresh install

Aramir Galanodonel aramirg at hotmail.fr
Sat Feb 21 23:45:01 UTC 2015

Thanks for the fast answer andreas.

But I have no conf.inc.php. To be more precise, I had a conf.php.dist only in my horde/config folder.
Other apps folder don't even contain a conf.php.dist file.

ps: sorry for the formating hotmail doesn't handle pretty well that "> convention" of mail list. Also I never used a mail list before.

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>Subject: Re: [horde] [Horde 5.3.0-git + pgsql + dovecot + debian7 + apache2] No applications on a fresh install
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>> Hello,
>> I recently installed horde using the git repository (I couldn't use  
>> PEAR because of the pgsql PDO bug).
>> The installation went fine, same goes for the configuration.
>> But after all that, my applications where nowhere to be found in my  
>> admin configuration page (  
>> http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/08/1424559180-horde1.png )
>> The strange part is, my applications seems to be there, I can see  
>> them on my hard drive, I can see them on the test.php page (  
>> http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/08/1424559180-horde2.png ),  
<> and when I run tests on them everything seems fine except for a  
>> missing conf.php (  
>> http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/08/1424559180-horde3.png ).  
>> conf.php which I'm supposed to create using the admin configuration  
>> page where those applications are missing.
>> Also when I try to access to the appliaction config page by guessing  
>> the url ( for instance: xxxxx.com/admin/config/config.php?app=imp),  
>> I end up with this error message : http://dpaste.com/38EJTK6
>> I reinstalled horde several times by now. Read the whole  
>> documentation numerous times. But I couldn't find anything usefull  
>> to debug me. By reading the docs, it sounds like;  checking the  
>> prerequisites, doing a "git pull" and executing the script should be  
>> enough to get a fresh install with every application installed. But  
>> it's not the case for me.
>> Please, does someone have any clues of what is going on? Any hint of  
>> what I might have done wrong?
>> And please feel free to ask for more informations, debug log, etc
>> Thanks for reading.
>Do you have conf.inc.php files in your horde/config and  
>horde/'app'/config directory?
>If yes have a look into it, copy it to conf.php and alter to your needs.
>Hope that helps,
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