[horde] horde pear install

Spyros Tsiolis stsiol at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Apr 6 06:02:27 UTC 2015

On Sun, 5/4/15, Mauricio Jose T. Tecles <mtecles at biof.ufrj.br> wrote:

>  What do you mean by "migrating the
>  mailboxes from pop3/smtp to dovecot  
>  and
>  Horde"? Horde has no mailboxes, it uses your system
>  (Dovecot and  
>  you Mailer) to read and send
>  mails.
>  Mauricio
Hi Mauricio,

Slip of the tongue.
My bad. You're right.
The old system used pop3/smtp (http://xmailserver.org).
XMail works in unison with dovecot and Horde as long
as you know how to tweak the config files.

All I did for the "migration" was to tar the whole folder
and untar it to the new system.



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