[horde] is horde/config/registry.d generic?

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Wed Apr 15 21:56:02 UTC 2015

Quoting A. Schulze <sca at andreasschulze.de>:

> Hello,
> I may change the horde registry by placing stuff in
> 1. ~horde/config/registry.local.php
> 2. ~horde/config/registry-servername.php
> 3. ~horde/config/registry.d/foobar.php
> the first and second version work also for other configuration files.
> -> conf.local.php, prefs.local.php, nls.local.php ...
> Does horde general also look in subdirs conf.d/, prefs.d, backends.d  
> or similiar?
> Does imp, kronolith, ansel, ... behave the same way?
> I'm unsure because only ~horde/config/registry.d exist after installation.

I believe any *.d directory within the various config/ directories  
that are named after an existing configuration file will be looked at.  
So, e.g., config/mime_drivers.d/foo.php or config/hooks.d/bar.php etc...

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