[horde] Kolab integration problems

Jens-U. Mozdzen jmozdzen at nde.ag
Thu Apr 16 10:47:24 UTC 2015

Hi *,

after having had severe problems storing Horde configuration data into  
IMAP in Kolab format (starting somewhere around beginning of 2015), we  
now face similar trouble with the calendar entries.

I could work around the configuration issue by saving (Horde-specific)  
configuration via MySQL back-end, this won't work for the calendar  
objects (and similar, like tasks and addresses)... I need to share  
*these* objects beyond Horde and we have a decade of history in that  

While the error occurs in kronolith, I'm sending this to the general  
Horde mailing list because AFAICT, the problem lies within the  
framework - my suspect still is the cache infrastructure.

A short description on how the problem faces:

- I create a new schedule entry - works fine

- I try to update a schedule entry - and will receive an error message  
in the UI like

"Beim Aktualisieren des Termins ist ein Fehler aufgetreten: Failed  
writing the Kolab object: Failed parsing Kolab object input data of  
type string! Input was:
Æioz»"¢}tzw(v)àQ1|z÷§¶÷«²*'×K¢wžv¿<... [shortened to 50  
characters] Versuchen Sie stattdessen den Termin zu importieren.<span  
class="GrowlerAlertDate">[16.4.2015 10:54:10]</span>"

(An error occured when updating the schedule: Failed to... Try to  
import the schedule instead.)

Looks like the entry itself is stored in compressed format (in the  
Horde cache), but not decompressed when retrieving it via the  
Kolab-specific routines. But of course, this is just guesswork.

I'm willing to plunge into the code again, but would need a pointer to  
where relevant changes were applied to the Horde code.

Does anyone at Horde test Kolab integration anymore, or was Kolab  
support dropped and I didn't catch the announcement?


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