[horde] Problem with XCache and Horde

Tilo tilo at flam.de
Wed May 6 12:32:53 UTC 2015

Jens Grüntjes <jens.gruentjes <at> ebira.de> writes:

> since I changed the PHP opcode cache from APC to XCache I'm running  
> into problems with horde. Whenever horde-alarms is executed I receive  
> an error message like:
> Cannot write Autoloader cache to backend
> Horde's log file then contains the following line:
> 2015-04-28T10:50:03+00:00 WARN: HORDE [horde] PHP ERROR: xcache_set():  
> XCache var cache was not initialized properly. Check php log for  
> actual reason [pid 2603 on line 155 of  
> "/usr/share/php/Horde/Autoloader/Cache/Bootstrap.php"]
> I can raise the error if I manually execute horde-alarms as well.
> Can maybe someone with XCache running help me out?


I am experiencing the same issue on a Debian 7 system.

It seems like XCache is broken on CLI in the version that Debian 7 uses
(2.0.0-4). My settings used for Apache and CGI are identical and similar to
yours, but phpinfo() shows that the opcode and variable caches are disabled
when executed via CLI, while both appear enabled as expected via Apache.

Related bug report:

The report suggests that Debian 8 should contain a fixed version.

My quick-and-dirty fix is to comment out the log line in Bootstrap.php.


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