[horde] Links to Ingo (Forward, Vacation) in top menu bar

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu May 21 11:02:58 UTC 2015

Zitat von Test <philipp.faeustlin at uni-hohenheim.de>:

>>>>> Hello List,
>>>>> I need your help.
>>>>> I inserted the following part into "$this->applications = array" in
>> the
>>>>> registry.local.php file.
>>>>> ------------
>>>>>       'forwards' => array(
>>>>>           'url' => '/ingo/basic.php?page=forward',
>>>>>           'name' => _("Forward"),
>>>>>           'status' => 'active',
>>>>>           'menu_parent' => 'imp',
>>>>>           'fileroot' => '/tmp'
>>>>>       ),
>>>>>       'vacations' => array(
>>>>>           'url' => '/ingo/basic.php?page=vacation',
>>>>>           'name' => _("Vacation"),
>>>>>           'status' => 'active',
>>>>>           'menu_parent' => 'imp',
>>>>>           'fileroot' => '/tmp'
>>>>>       ),
>>>>> ------------
>>>>> I don't know if this is the correct way, to get the links to ingo
>>>>> forward and vacation into the top bar.
>>>>> At least partially it is working, what I have done. The links are
>>>>> visible, and they point to the right target.
>>>>> Sadly the translation of the "name" isn't constantly working. It is
>> only
>>>>> translated, if I'm located on an ingo page. If I'm unter kronolith
>> and
>>>>> want to go to Ingo/Forward, the link name of Forward isn't
>> translated.
>>>>> How can I solve that?
>>>> I'm not 100% sure how gettext works, but that's probably because these
>>>> translated strings only exist in Ingo PO/MO module.
>>> That sound's plausible.
>>>> If you change the location of translation strings, e.g. move them from
>>>> Ingo to Base module, you need to update translation files accordingly.
>>> For updating the translation files there is the "horde-translation"
>>> script, I guess.
>>> So I shortly went though the documentation and found
>>> "horde-translation update -l ll".
>>> The script was executed with no error an for some modules it says
>> "updated".
>>> Then I executed "horde-translation make -l ll", but the shown results
>>> are empty.
>> Did you specify your locale in place of "ll" flag or did you run the
>> commands exactly as you wrote?
> Yes, I ran the commands exactly as I wrote.
> Meanwhile I'm one step further, I have tried the commands for only  
> one module and language.
> horde-translation update -m horde -l de
> horde-translation make -m horde -l de
> But no changes were found and translation isn't working.
> After checking the horde.po file, I realized that only the  
> config/registry.php is mentioned.
> My changes in config/registry.local.php are ignored by the  
> translation script.
> After inserting my changes into config/registry.php and repeating  
> the commands.
> The changes were recognized and automatically translated for that  
> module and language.
> So my next question are.
> Is there option for the horde-translation script to make it search  
> the "config/registry.local.php" file?


> What happens to the translation after an update?

What do you mean?

>>> Have I done something wrong, or do I really have to edit every *.po file
>>> for every language as it is described in the documentation under "2.1.5
>>> Extending existent translations" ?
>> Yes, in order for particular translations to work you should edit
>> corresponding po files. I'm not sure you need to do it for all modules
>> though. Just start from the base "horde" module and see if that helps.
>> If you need only 1 language just use static strings.
>>>> Alternatively you could just use static strings.
>>> Static strings aren't really an option, because the translation
>>> information should be available and I only have to find out how to get
>>> it working.
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