[horde] About Spamassassin reporting

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Aug 17 16:44:30 UTC 2015

Zitat von Andre Luiz Paiz <andre.paiz at iqm.unicamp.br>:

> Hi everybody.
> I'm using Spamassassin TxREP plugin on a remote SMTP server to  
> perform spam reputation analisys.
> I would like to integrate the Horde spam/innocent buttons with that.
> I have the following options:
> Add to SA TxREP whitelist/blacklist, which will trust more (not  
> 100%) or not based on the From: e-mail address. E.g. spamassassin  
> --add-addr-to-whitelist=email at domain.com
> to use the sa-lear command, parsing the mail with the command. E.g.:  
> sa-learn --spam message
> or to use the spamc command, E.g. spamc -spam < message
> Which option will work with horde?
> I mean, it is possible to use the spamassassin command with a  
> variable that represents the From: field inside the message?
> If not, how to use the sa-learn or spamc command and parse the  
> message within it?
> Also, my IMAP, SMTP and Webmail are stored on different servers, so  
> I will have to figure how to send the information to them, but I'll  
> solve that later.
> Thanks a lot.
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See the documentation in config/backends.php. From your options, spamc  
seems to be the only one currently supported.

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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