[horde] How to add IMP (webmail) to groupware installation

Stefan Suurmeijer stefan at raptorweb.nl
Thu Aug 27 10:18:58 UTC 2015

  Hi Jan,

Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

> Zitat von Stefan Suurmeijer <stefan at raptorweb.nl>:
>> Hi Mike,
>> check, that worked. Thanks
>> Next time I'll read the site better. The new version does look awesome
>> though
>> KR
>> Stefan
>> On 08/26/15 15:32, Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
>>> Quoting Stefan Suurmeijer <stefan at raptorweb.nl>:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Maybe a stupid question, but is there a preferred way to add IMP to a
>>>> horde Groupware installation?
>>>> (on a side note: for Gods sake change the names. Groupware includes
>>>> webmail in every normal discussion, having a separate edition called
>>>> webmail edition that does include webmail just gets lazy b*stards like
>>>> myself who take too little time to read instructions in trouble ;-) )
>>>> Can I just install over it (perl -a install horde/webmail)?
>>>> Or is there a way to just add IMP?
>>> Just install IMP normally, using the same pear used to install the
>>> groupware bundle:
>>> pear install horde/imp
>>> ...or to install with all non-binary optional dependencies:
>>> pear install -a -B horde/imp
>>> Note that you will need to configure IMP manually via the
>>> administrative interface as well as make sure that
>>> imp/config/backends[.local].php is configured correctly for your
>>> environment.
> For the record, the correct way to change from Groupware to Groupware WE
> is to run:
> pear uninstall horde/groupware
> pear install -a [-B] horde/webmail
> You can still run this now without any data loss.

Ok, but would that differ in any way from what I've done now? Just add IMP
and configure manually? Or will I get in trouble with upgrades this way? 
I assume I would lose any configuration changes I've made once I do a pear
uninstall horde/groupware?

On a completely unrelated subject (since you are one of the developers I
assume): are you aware that it's no longer possible to use weatheronline
for weather services since they've updated their API to version 2 and horde
calls API version 1?

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