[horde] How to add IMP (webmail) to groupware installation

Stefan Suurmeijer stefan at raptorweb.nl
Thu Aug 27 12:32:55 UTC 2015

On 08/27/15 13:13, Jan Schneider wrote:
> Zitat von Stefan Suurmeijer <stefan at raptorweb.nl>:
>>> For the record, the correct way to change from Groupware to
>>> Groupware WE
>>> is to run:
>>> pear uninstall horde/groupware
>>> pear install -a [-B] horde/webmail
>>> You can still run this now without any data loss.
>> Ok, but would that differ in any way from what I've done now? Just
>> add IMP
>> and configure manually? Or will I get in trouble with upgrades this
>> way? 
>> I assume I would lose any configuration changes I've made once I do a
>> pear
>> uninstall horde/groupware?
> No, but the Webmail Edition is a bit more than just Groupware + IMP.
> It adds Ingo, and some special configuration too.

I figured that and added Ingo myself too. What special configuration?

>> On a completely unrelated subject (since you are one of the developers I
>> assume): are you aware that it's no longer possible to use weatheronline
>> for weather services since they've updated their API to version 2 and
>> horde
>> calls API version 1?
> No, please create a ticket.

Will do


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