[horde] Unable to do setup / administration via web

Jesper Holck jesper.holck at ibsgaarden.dk
Sun Aug 30 20:43:08 UTC 2015

I've upgraded from Horde 3.x to 5.2, and most everything is running 

But I can't do administration and setup via the web-interface, I can 
only edit the conf.php file. In conf.php I have this line:
     $conf['auth']['admins'] = array('admin at ibsgaarden.dk', 
'holck at ibsgaarden.dk', );

I can login as "admin" as well as "holck", but I can't see any tabs or 
menus that can help me do administrate the installation.

In the horde log file, I can find lines like these:
     [horde] Login success for holck at dk
so maybe the problems are related to "holck at dk" being different from 
"holck at ibsgaarden.dk". What may I do to fix this?

Any help appreciated,
Jesper Holck

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