[horde] having a problem with 'prettyautocomplete.js' and Hangul

김 덕곤 dgkim at dgkim.net
Wed Oct 21 00:50:05 UTC 2015


I'm having problem with address auto completion.

In Korean, A character is combined with 2 or more symbols.

While inputing a key(a character is not yet complete.), the 
autocompletion is activated.
So a character with more than 2 symbols, the searching keyword is 

After look on the code, I found option.

in prettyautocomplete.js
ac = new Ajax.Autocompleter(this.input, this.p.uri, p_clone);
ac.opts.frequency = 1.0;

above ac.opts.frequency option worked.

one second before autocompletion works.

but, another problem is when using firefox.

I don't know it is firefox problem or horde problem.

Similiar situation. while inputing a key, the focus is out.

I think the problem is 'keyup' event.

Any sugestion is appreciated.
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