[horde] Freebusy URL

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Sat Oct 24 23:07:18 UTC 2015

Quoting Bjoern Voigt <bjoernv at arcor.de>:

> Vidal Carro wrote:
>> where I have to register the freebusy URL? When I try to schedule an
>> appointment in the calendar, I get the message:
>>   "No freebusy URL for ... found."
>>   To avoid this message you have to introduce the freebusy Url in the
>> contact information in the Other Tab.
> I wonder why I have to specify freebusy URLs also for contacts on
> the local Horde installation.

Because Kronolith can't assume that all attendees are local Horde  
users, or even if they are, that Horde is the authoritative source of  
their FB info.

> Or is there a configuration option for
> auto-registering local freebusy URLs?


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