[horde] Speed up device wipe over ActiveSync

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Sun Jan 3 06:38:11 UTC 2016

Quoting Samuel Wolf <samuel at sheepflock.de>:

> Zitat von Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:
>> Quoting Samuel Wolf <samuel at sheepflock.de>:
>>> Hi,
>>> I activate wipe on a Android 5 ActiveSync device over the Horde GUI.
>>> At the end it need approximately 18 hours before the device  
>>> execute the wipe.
>>> It was not a problem of the data connection since the device was  
>>> in the local wifi.
>>> Is there any chance to speed up this process?
>>> If I lost a device 18 hours are really long (know it could wipe earlier).
>> The wipe command isn't "pushed" to the device without the device  
>> sending a request first. It needs to be actively connected to the  
>> server and requesting something.
>> The wipe command can only be sent to the device in response to a  
>> PROVISION request. When the wipe is requested, we set a bit in the
> I see the last PROVISION command was some hours old.
>> server-side device state. This is checked on each request, and if  
>> found, instead of answering the request normally, we send a command  
>> that tells the device to re-provision. When it sends the PROVISION  
>> command, this is when the wipe command is sent back to the device.  
>> We also remove the existing policy key, just in case (a missing key  
>> also triggers a PROVISION).
>> So, either the device wasn't actively synchronizing, it didn't send  
>> the provision command when it should have, or maybe it was in the  
>> middle of a long running PING cycle (though those should only last  
>> 59 minutes at the most). I can check to see if there is something  
>> we can do within the PING cycle to force the cycle to end sooner.

I looked into this a bit more. We had code in place that checked for  
the remote wipe flag being set during these long-running PING  
requests, but it was always checking the value *already loaded* into  
memory during the entire request. I've added code that reloads the  
device's information periodically during this request so the request  
should be capture within at least 1 or 2 minutes (depending on the  
heartbeat/wait-interval etc...). It will make it into the next  
ActiveSync package update.

Not 100% sure this is what caused your long wait time, but it's a  
reasonable assumption :)

The Horde Project
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