[horde] Export user's preferences

Vilius Sumskas/LNK vilius at lnk.lt
Thu May 12 06:40:58 UTC 2016

> > Hi,
> >
> >> My Horde data base is probably corrupted, here are some of the
> >> problems some users are having:
> >>
> >> - some users cannot select the address book to "save recipients
> >> automatically" in IMP preferences;
> >> - some users cannot see its contacts and they are unnable to export 
> >> - some users cannot use its calendar and they are unnable to export 
> >
> > Looks like something went wrong in the Share system. Have you changed
> > charsets in the database recently? Also, what do you mean by "cannot 
> > its calendar"? They cannot see it in the calendar list, or they just
> > cannot see events in the calendar? Did you try to increase Horde 
> > level and check for SQL errors?
> You are right, I remember years ago we used a Portuguese Debian 
> The calendar itself is there but some events do not show and the 
> calendar cannot be exported.
> I will increase Horde logging level and will check for Sql errors.
> >
> >> Those are users that have been using Horde for a long time.
> >>
> >> I have tried to "horde-remove-user-data" for one of those users but 
> >> did not solve the problem for him.
> >
> > If clearing data for a user doesn't solve the problem, then there is 
> > point exporting/importing. Have you tried with a newly created user?
> Newly created users are OK.
> There is no point exporting/importing for those that are having 
> problem, but will do for those that are not having problem. The idea 
> is to export whatever data can be exported, start a new empty database 
> and import back the data. When I say export I mean via Horde (ics, 
> csv, vcard, icalendar) or via mysql for those that are OK.

If newly created users are OK, then I would run "horde-remove-user-data" 
for one bad user and then search database tables for that user to see what 
the script have missed.

There is no magic really. That script is not updated constantly so it is 
probably missing some tables.


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