[horde] weird relogin behaviour

Markus Turba mtspam at tesira.de
Fri Jun 24 13:05:12 UTC 2016

I am currently left with a strange glitch:

1) I close my browser with horde open with an url like this:
2) I start the browser again (firefox) and get the login prompt on  
this url (have set firefox to display the last pages)
(notice the basic.php)
3) now I login and are shown a strange/wrong window setting (guess  
because of the basic.php in the url)
4) hitting the inbox link in the tree fixes it and I am back to  
/imp/dynamic.php and everything looks like I left it.

If I just use the logout in horde and log right back in I get shown my  
portal page as setup. It only seems to behave like that when I close  
the browser.

Any idea whats causing this?


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