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Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Aug 4 14:03:46 UTC 2016

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Zitat von Dirk Weller <do.weller at bdjl.de>:

> Am 02.08.2016 um 19:43 schrieb Simon B:
>> On 29 Jul 2016 16:16, "Michael J Rubinsky" <mrubinsk at horde.org> wrote:
>>> Quoting Dirk Weller <do.weller at bdjl.de>:
>>>> Dear Horde-lists users,
>>>> I've been running Horde (now: Horde 5 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32 bit) for a
>>>> long period of time (roughly 8 years) on a virtualized system. We are
>>>> now migrating to a new virtualization system which means that I have to
>>>> completely reinstall Ubuntu (change to 64 bit) and Horde 5 and migrate
>>>> the user settings, PGP keys, calendars, address-books, todo-lists,
>>>> mailboxes etc. pp. of my more than 150 users.
>>>> I am wondering about the best way to go about this task and have been
>>>> thinking about the following two migration-paths:
>>>> 1. Install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on new machine, pear install Horde 5 there,
>>>> dump Horde MySQL DB on old machine and transfer it (together with the
>>>> users and mailboxes etc.) to my new machine. Then upgrade Ubuntu 14.04
>>>> to 16.04 on the new machine.
>>>> 2.  Install Ubuntu 16.04 on new machine, pear install Horde5, upgrade
>>>> old machine to Ubuntu 16.04, MySQL dump Horde DB on old machine and then
>>>> transfer it (together with the users and mailboxes) to my new machine.
>>> If I'm reading your question right, you are basically asking where/when
>> to update to Ubuntu 16.04. As far as Horde is concerned, it should not make
>> any difference to Horde data when, or on what machine, you upgrade Ubuntu.
>> If it were me since you are going to start with a fresh install anyway, I
>> would start with the fresh Ubuntu 16.04 machine and install Horde/configure
>> webserver etc... and then dump/import your database/mailboxes etc...I don't
>> see any real reason to upgrade the old host before transferring any data.
>> Don't forget any VFS storage you might have outside of the database as well.
>> Option 2.  On a VM you can test first is always the way I've gone...
>> Simon
>>>> I hope that somebody could shine a light on the right way and help me
>>>> sort out some of my questions:
>>>> Is there a recommended / better way to go about this task?
>>>> Should I continue with PHP5 or use PHP7 on the new system?
>>> While most of our code works perfectly fine with PHP7, not all of our
>> stable application code has been officially marked as compatible yet, so
>> take that into consideration in your decision.
> Dear Simon, Dear Michael,
> thank you for your explanations. I have now installed Ubuntu 16.04 and
> the dependencies which Horde used to need. The problem I am running into
> now is PHP7.
> When I pear install -a -B horde/horde I end up with
> horde/horde requires PHP (version >= 5.3.0, version <= 6.0.0alpha1,
> excluded versions: 6.0.0alpha1), installed version is 7.0.8-0ubuntu0.16.04.2
> which is also true for all other Horde packages.
> As Michael has already written in his answer "not all of our stable
> application code has been officially marked as compatible yet" and that
> is probably what pear is telling me.
> How do I best navigate around this problem?

Use the ondrej PPA to install PHP 5.6 for Ubuntu.

> pear install -a -B -l horde/horde is not enough.
> Is a pear install -a -B -f horde/horde needed in order to use the Horde
> PEAR packages?

If you want to stick with PHP 7.0, yes.

> And if yes is the answer: Will I later on be able to use pear without -f
> as soon as Horde code has been marked as being compatible with php7?
> Is
> there a better way instead of force-installing?

See above.

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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