[horde] Kronolith: Notification send to all partecipants when an alarm is dismissed

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Sep 13 19:02:05 UTC 2016

Zitat von Claudio ML <claudioml at mediaservice.net>:

> Il 13/09/16 16:35, Michael J Rubinsky ha scritto:
>> Quoting Claudio ML <claudioml at mediaservice.net>:
>>> Hi all,
>>> If i create a new event, with one or more partecipants, and an alarm,
>>> when i dismiss the alarm the notification of updated event is sent to
>>> all partecipants. Is a normal behaviour ?
>> If you mean, you are only dismissing the alert, then no it is not
>> normal and I cannot reproduce this. If you mean you are editing the
>> event (opening the event, removing the alarm, and then saving) then
>> yes, this would be normal since you have technically changed the
>> event. However, you should be asked before sending the notification.
> Yes, when from lightning (thunderbird), i dismiss an alert where are
> some partecipants, all the partecipants recieve a mail of "updated
> event". My Kronolith is version 4.3.0-git and lightning is version 1.9.5.

Yes, this is technically editing the event, because dismissing from  
external clients is done by sending an updated event back to the  
server. Until we handle alarm updates of event individually, or even  
support per-user alarms, this is the expected, though annoying behavior.

>>> I think this is really
>>> annoying, because if i have 20 partecipants, all the 20 contacts recieve
>>> an email of "updated event", with no real update of the event.
>>> My kronolith version is 4.3.0-git.
>>> Cordially,
>>> Claudio.
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