[horde] Problem, horde is displays mixed languages

Klaus Tachtler klaus at tachtler.net
Fri Nov 4 04:23:54 UTC 2016


I have installed the horde packages from the EPEL-Repository, and all  
works fine.

BUT I have a problem after login into my Horde, because there will be  
displayed a MIX of languages at the same time on the screen.

Let me explain it in a few lines:

After login into my Horde, the menu on the top are shown in the  
correct GERMAN language, like this:

      Webmail  Kalender  Adressbuch  Aufgaben  Notizen

After click on Webmail, the menu line will change and a mix of  
languages will be shown, like this:

      Webmail  Calendar  Adressbuch  Aufgaben  Notes
               ========                        =====

Sometime, when I click to Calendar, it will be display a little bit  
strange too, like this:

      Mail  Kalender  Adressbuch  Aufgaben  Notizen

Maybe, this is only happen, when Horde was installed with the  
RPM-Packages, because I tried another installation with PEAR, and  
there are all parts at the screen, will be displayed in one language.

What can I do, to solve the problem? Can anybody give me a tip...?

Thank you


e-Mail  : klaus at tachtler.net
Homepage: http://www.tachtler.net
DokuWiki: http://www.dokuwiki.tachtler.net
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