[horde] docker horde builds coming soon

Ralf Lang lang at b1-systems.de
Fri Jan 6 19:38:49 UTC 2017


I have begun building docker images of Horde and I will expand on that.

One of these is based on horde-hit and may be handy to test drive
patches or master (beyond Horde's own CI efforts) for your use cases and
edge cases.



It's currently an all-in-one container, not docker orthodox, it is
filled with stuff not strictly required to run apache-php-mysql, runs
more than one process and it is mostly geared towards bringing the same
environment to my offline laptop that would run on some QA server or
customer demo host.


Plans are to provide a docker orthodox environment based on docker-compose

* externalize database
* add parameters for passwords, hostnames & the likes.
* provide an interface for some default redis container and, possibly,
some nosql (mongo & the likes)
* minimize image, move all editors, tools, developer niceties to a
different, derived container for special case usage (me)
* possibly move the source git repo to horde-support, if that makes sense
* publish on docker registry by 03/2017 at the very latest


* Are you fluent at openldap and like to contribute an ldap-based scenario?
* Do you actually use vilma, klutz, sesha, pastie or ulaform from H3 or
H4? Contact me+list to improve chances a Horde 5/6 port will emerge


Currently, the step between creating the database and running migrations
(create a config including sql driver) is missing in the published
version. Reasons are totally non-tech and I think I will commit this
change by monday.

You need to docker exec for the moment.



Horde already runs all unit tests against github's travis-ci. Don't
spend time on docker just to run the unit tests.

I know Michael has this really great repository of vagrant horde VMs for
development. I looked at it, took a lot of inspiration and I used it
myself for some time.

I also have been and will be providing openSUSE rpm files of Horde and a
collection of VM images based on these stable rpm on a "as time permits"
basis. If you need commercial grade supported rpm's, you need to ask a
company like B1 Systems or Horde LLC or whoever you trust.

Ralf Lang
Linux Consultant / Developer
Tel.: +49-170-6381563

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