[horde] daylight event one hour more [with files]

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Fri Feb 10 20:21:16 UTC 2017

Quoting Denis Gabriel Ignacio <denisgi at unicamp.br>:

> Hello Michael,
> Did you get any conclusions about our problem? If you need more  
> information I am at your disposal.
> Thank you.
> Citando Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:
>> Quoting Denis Gabriel Ignacio <denisgi at unicamp.br>:
>>> Sorry, I forgot to attach files.
>>> Citando Denis Gabriel Ignacio <denisgi at unicamp.br>:
>>>> Hello
>>>> I have a problem with daylight saving time, When the scheduled  
>>>> events recurrent weekly and sent within daylight period. The  
>>>> invitation time is displays with one hour more.
>> Does this only happen with recurring events, or with single  
>> instance events also?
>>>> If the invitee opens the invitation on another email client (eg  
>>>> thunderbird) the invitation displays the correct time.
>>>> For events scheduled outside daylight period, the time is ok
>>>> The following is an example of ics files. One with the sample  
>>>> file generated inside daylight period  
>>>> (event-invitation-inside-daylight.ics) and another generated when  
>>>> the event is scheduled outside  
>>>> daylight(event-invitation-outside-daylight.ics).
>>>> We tested in a couple web browsers and the result is the same for all.
>>>> horde 5.2.13
>>>> kronolith 4.2.19
>>>> imp 6.2.17
>>>> horde_Icallendar 2.1.4
>>>> Server
>>>> Centos 6.5
>>>> PHP 5.6.10
>>>> Timezone America/Sao_Paulo (php.ini)
>>>> Apache 2.4

Are you sure you are using the most recent PEAR packages for  
Horde/Icalendar and Horde/Timezone? The ics file you provided looks  
like it contains broken timezone definitions. Using the most recent  
versions of these packages though, I am able to generate correct  
files, which appear to work correctly in that they pass my unit tests.

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