[horde] Status Horde 5.3/6.0, official PHP7 Support, EAS 16

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Feb 21 16:02:36 UTC 2017

Zitat von Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:

> Quoting "jan at horde.org (Jan Schneider)":
>> Zitat von Torben Dannhauer <torben at dannhauer.info>:
>>>> Quoting Torben Dannhauer <torben at dannhauer.info>:
>>>>> Dear Horde Devs,
>>>>> First of all I would like to thank you for your dedication to the
>>>>> horde project in the last year - your project is a great piece of
>>> software!
>>>>> Since this year is soon over, I would like to take the chance to get
>>>>> an update of the current status.
>>>>> Some month ago, there was a discussion on the list how to go on with
>>>>> Horde, wait until everything is done for Horde 6 or if it should be
>>>>> released as Horde 5.3
>>>>> What is the current status in this decision?
>>>> Since the loss of the Basic view is too much for a point release, I
>>>> think what we are leaning towards is releasing what we currently have
>>>> as Horde 6, without any of the major BC-breaking refactoring we had
>>>> planned for H6.
>>>> IIRC, we need to still talk about what this would look like from a
>>>> repository stand-point since we would now need maintain 2 stable
>>>> branches, along with master. Horde 6 was planned to be released after
>>>> we split the repository into individual repos for each component. I'm
>>>> torn as to how I feel about this. One the one hand it gets new
>>>> features out quicker, which absolutely has to happen, but it means
>>>> delaying a bunch of BC breaking things and slowing future progress.
>>>>> What type of work needs to be
>>>>> done to get the release out. How can the community contributer to
>>>>> speed up things?
>>>> Jan and I need to go over this and see exactly what needs to be done
>>>> to get the alpha releases rolling, and see what we can delegate out to
>>>> our community supporters.
>>>>> Additionally, PHP is moving more and more towards 7.0, so an official
>>>>> support of the Horde project for PHP7 would be nice. I read in the
>>>>> list that
>>>>> PHP7 should basically work, also forcing packages to PHP7 is still
>>> required.
>>>>> I will test this out soon.
>>>> I have an install running just this locally and, at least for my
>>>> day-to-day use cases, works well - despite the WARNINGS that creep up
>>>> in the logs.
>>>>> What is required in detail to bring official PHP 7 support to all
>>>>> packages to close this topic?
>>>> I think while we can do what we can to increase PHP 7 support for the
>>>> current release applications, we can never officially mark them as
>>>> PHP7 - this will have to wait until H6.
>>>> There are still some external libraries that we depend on that are not
>>>> PHP 7 compatible. We will need to either find replacements for those
>>>> libraries, or fork/refactor them under the Horde banner. This could be
>>>> a non-trivial amount of work (not sure as I haven't personally looked
>>>> at the code for these yet). The good news is that I believe we only
>>>> have a few of these situations, like Text_Wiki in Wicked. We could
>>>> always hold back the releases of these applications if needed in order
>>>> to get the rest of the main groupware applications out.
>>>>> As a last step: is EAS 16.0 finally implemented? What is a blocker to
>>>>> release it (maybe even in the 5.2 series?)
>>>> EAS 16.0 has been implemented for some time now, but requires both a
>>>> client that supports it and our current git master code to make use of
>>>> it. The current stable ActiveSync library supports it, but the
>>>> 5.2 series of applications will not since it required significant
>>>> additions/changes to the various application APIs.
>>>>> What would it cost to implement EAS 16.1 [1] (including release as
>>>>> official packages!)?
>>>> I haven't looked at this, other than reading the generic description
>>>> of things it's supposed to add. IIRC, it adds support for
>>>> renegotiating meetings times and more atomic data wipes (so you could
>>>> wipe just the exchange data and not the entire device, for example).
>>>> For the former, this would mean that in addition to the ActiveSync
>>>> changes needed, we would need to add support to Kronolith for iTip
>>>> COUNTER/DECLINECOUNTER and SEQUENCE support [1]. Of course would also
>>>> need a client that actually supports this to test.
>>>> If we can get at least support in Kronolith and our iCalendar code for
>>>> COUNTER/DECLINE etc...before Horde 6 then we could conceivably get
>>>> this functionality in Horde 6.0 when the ActiveSync side of it is
>>>> done. Otherwise, it would have to wait for 6.1/7.0.
>>>>> Thanks again for all your input into the project!
>>>> Thank YOU for all of your support :)
>>>> [1]
>>>> https://bugs.horde.org/ticket/8396
>>>>> Warm regards,
>>>>> Torben
>>>>> [1]
>>>>> https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/exchangedev/2016/06/13/announcing-ex
>>>>> change-
>>>>> activesync-version-16-1/
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>>> The core apps all seem to work fine with PHP 7. I'm running IMP,
>>> Turba, Ingo, Kronolith, Nag and Mnemo without issue.
>>> Tim
>>> Hi Tim,
>>> thanks for your status report! It seems the only failure is Wicked. Since I
>>> use it internally for all documentation, it is a major point for me.
>>> Mike mentioned Text_Wiki - it seems it is unmaintained currently:
>>> pear.php.net/package/Text_Wiki/.
>>> Unfortunately my PHP knowledge is limited to basic skills, I think I'm not
>>> competent enough to maintain that package. Does Wicked support a different
>>> backend? Maybe there are nice PHP7 compatible and still maintained backends
>>> available wicked could switch to?
>> Wicked works just fine on PHP 7. You can safely ignore deprecation or
>> strict messages from PHP.
> Is this still true? Text_Wiki uses a bunch of reference assignments  
> when creating new objects. This is no longer supported in PHP 7 and  
> issues a fatal error. See  
> http://php.net/manual/en/migration70.incompatible.php
> I've tested this locally using all of the available Text_Wiki_*  
> formats with the same result. After manually editing the code and  
> removing the reference assignments would allow it to work.

Yes, looks like you are right. Seems I have a patched version  
installed already.

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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