[horde] Can't log in: SOLVED

Jānis je at ktf.rtu.lv
Wed Jul 26 19:30:39 UTC 2017

Citēts Jānis <je at ktf.rtu.lv>
Wed, 26 Jul 2017 22:18:16 +0300:

> Hi!
> I have such error in log:
> EMERG: HORDE User is not authorized for horde [pid 27230 on line 267  
> of "/usr/lib64/php/Horde/Registry.php"]
> what could it mean?
> I noticed this unintentionally checking the backup access channel to  
> mail server.
> As a result - no one can log in. It seems, it just stopped working  
> for some unknown reason in May.

Sorry, problem solved by updating of Horde.


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