[horde] Many problems with installation

SZÉPE Viktor viktor at szepe.net
Fri Sep 29 07:57:56 UTC 2017

Idézem/Quoting Ralph Ballier <ballier at mail.schule.de>:
> Apparently, it is difficult to give me a clue. Is there not an  
> alternative option to install horde? An installation without using  
> pear? That would help me already.
>  I would also be helped, if I would know, which files in horde/js  
> must be. How can it be that in the old installation completely  
> different and much more JS files are?
>  Every note is welcome.
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Hello Ralph!

An actual separation would be running Horde in a container, that would  
be totally clean.
I use these to install Horde:

- separate Linux user
- separate PHP-FPM pool
- separate Apache vhost
- local PEAR instance


When it comes to PECL extensions I use them from Debian packages

You find some customization in

Please report any errors you find.

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