[horde] log emails raw data

Jens Wahnes wahnes at uni-koeln.de
Fri Sep 29 15:23:56 UTC 2017

Mike Poznecki wrote:
> Hi, how can I use Horde::log to spit out the emails raw data?  I want to see what is in the email coming across the wire.  Thanks.

Yes, you can do that using the "debug" option in backends.local.php. Set 
that option to the filename where the debug info should be written, e.g.:

$servers['foo'] = array(
# [...]
    'debug' => '/tmp/horde-imap-debug.log',
# [...]

Note that you well need to enable "debug" in the smtp array as well if 
you want logs of both IMAP and SMTP traffic.

If you have several users logged in at the same time and need only one 
user's wire traffic, you would probably be best off to create a separate 
backend (which has "debug" enabled) in backends.local.php an then set up 
a preauthenticate hook in IMP to switch that one user to the new 
debug-enabled backend.


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