[horde] Default Addressbook issue

Jamie Allen jamie at jsdckr.nz
Fri Jan 19 18:33:31 UTC 2018

Greetings, IMP Gurus

Would appreciate any suggestions you have on this. Horde 5.2.22 - our  
set-up is that we have two shared addressbooks, and then individual  
addressbooks where email addresses are automatically added.

The problem is that, although addressbook preferences list my  
individual addressbook as the default, the mail preference for  
automatic addressbook saving persistently sets itself to the first of  
the shared addressbooks.

I set the preference in Preferences - Mail - Address Books -> to the  
individual addressbook. Log out and log in to Horde, and check the  
setting - and it has reverted to the first of the Shared Addressbooks.

Very peculiar! Is there any way that I could hard-wire this, please?  
It means that all of our users are ending up with all my automatically  
added addresses in the global shared addressbooks, which is causing  
some confusion...

Yours hopefully


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