[horde] Fwd: [turba]: entity relation ship model of turba database

Carsten horde-groupware at familie-lahme.de
Mon Feb 26 13:56:15 UTC 2018


I have put this to the turba list, but w/o any response.

Maybe somebody on the core list has an idea?!



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Hi all,

I try to create queries for my Cisco phonebook to get phonebooks from
At the moment I struggle with the relation ship model on the turba tables.

The main issue is, how to decide, whether an object is bound to a
shareng or not.
If I use just .share_owner, I always get the same output, regardless
which share (phonebook) I select.

If the user has more than one phonebook, there is a crypted value in
turba_objects.owner_id, that points to turba_sharesng.share_id.
But unless there is only one phonebook (shareng), the
turba_shareng.share_owner is mapped.

This seems somehow odd to me, if I view from ER-Model perspektive.

Is there any graphical overview (Visio o.s.) in the wild, showing the



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