[horde] Contact with several email addresses

poubeline at free.fr poubeline at free.fr
Thu Apr 26 14:16:42 UTC 2018

Hi Grouchy, 

I have tested as following : 
- I selected a contact to create a list > fine, 
- I modified the list to edit the contact which in fact edits the list itself and added a new email address, 
- I then sent an email to this list and the contact in the list got the email, but not the new email address of the list. 

So you're right, once need to add a new contact for each email addresses of a contact. That's really weird, why a contact cannot have several email addresses as several postal addresses, that would be a good feature request and improvement of the way Turba/Horde is managing contacts. 

Thanks anyway for your help 

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On 04/26/2018 08:26 AM, poubeline at free.fr wrote: 
> Hi All, 
> Just a quick question regarding Horde and its contacts. 
> I have some contacts that have several email addresses and when I was on a ZARAFA server we could manage several email addresses (home, business, etc.) like for the postal addresses. 
> Now with Horde, I get several postal addresses like we had in our previous email server, but we only have one email address for a contact. 
> Is there a way to get several email addresses for a contact? We do not want to create several identical contacts for each email addresses. 
> Regards, 
> Laurent 

I don't think there is a way without multiple contacts. See 

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