[horde] GNUPG key creation failing

Erling Preben Hansen erling at eph.dk
Mon Aug 6 19:29:32 UTC 2018

  Citat af "Interpost.biz Webmaster" <info at interpost.biz>:

> Hello,
> Re: horde 5 groupware webmail install.
> With gnupg key creation enabled, installation of the keypair is not  
> happenning, and I can't find any logged error messages as to why.  I  
> have tried this with gnupg at /usr/bin/gpg and with gnupg2 - there  
> is a symlink at /usr/bin/gpg2 - I assume it's OK to use that  
> symlink?  is gnu^pg or gnupg2 recommended?
> I don't know if this is an IMP or a Horde error - does anyone have  
> this working properly?
> I am able to create the keypair and import manually, however the  
> buttons in IMP are not working, and I believe I have set this up  
> properly.
> Best,
> Ed


Since your post I have been testing this on my own test server and it  
works ok.
However i can not change from sha1 to sha256
If you want to use keys bigger than 1024 byte you will need more  
entropy or else you can get some time out or very long respounce time  
on key creation.

When installing "Haveged" you can get way better respounce time and  
thereby prevent timeout.
There is a very big diference.

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