[horde] Login page question

Todd Aiken taiken at mvtech.ca
Wed Oct 17 12:43:05 UTC 2018

Hello all.

Where is the correct place to adjust the gap size that appears between  
the top of the page and the login dialog box, and the gap that appears  
between the bottom of the login dialog box and the contents of  

I used to modify this section of themes/default/screen.css to change  
it (around line 578):

div.modal-form {
     font-size: 150%;
     width: 20em;
     margin: 5em auto;

I changed the "5em" to a "1em", which would reduce the gap at both the  
top and bottom.  But ever since my last pear upgrade a few days ago,  
the large gap has come back, and I can't seem to remove it.

Thanks in advance.

CU L8R...

Todd Aiken

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