[horde] ActiveSync PHP errors after upgrade

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Fri Nov 23 21:06:29 UTC 2018

Quoting Nels Lindquist <nlindq at maei.ca>:

> On 2018/11/23 11:51 a.m., Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
>> Quoting Nels Lindquist <nlindq at maei.ca>:
>>> Since upgrading Horde with PEAR to the latest available earlier
>>> this week, I'm seeing a bunch of error messages in syslog of the
>>> form:
>>> HORDE: PHP ERROR: implode(): Invalid arguments passed [pid 27975
>>> on line 493 of
>>> "/usr/share/pear/Horde/ActiveSync/State/Sql.php"].
>>> I have ActiveSync logging enabled for the domain in question, but
>>> I'm not seeing any matching errors in the per-device logs, so I'm
>>> not sure how worried to be.
>>> Some quick searching hasn't turned up anything.
>>> Environment is CentOS 6 with Webtatic PHP 5.6 packages
>>> installed; PostgreSQL database.
>>> Horde Groupware Webmail edition 5.2.22 IMP version 6.2.22
>>> Horde_ActiveSync version 2.39.4
>> Are you sure you have the most up to date Horde_Core library? This
>> was fixed back in July.
>> https://github.com/horde/Core/commit/24e6e44e858e391c8c847c9c445c0057b
> 30655e2#diff-3a683241c12c06bd12e14c869cd0983d
> From
> "pear list -c horde":
> Horde_Core	2.31.6	stable
> I checked /usr/share/pear/Horde/Core/ActiveSync/Driver.php and it
> definitely has the patch you linked applied.

Can you provide a snippit of the synclog that shows the incoming  
change that causes this?

Something like:

[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:     <Modify>
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:      <ServerEntryId>
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:        398024
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:      </ServerEntryId>
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:      <Data>
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:       <POOMMAIL:Categories>
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:        <POOMMAIL:Category>
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:          ActiveSync
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:        </POOMMAIL:Category>
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:       </POOMMAIL:Categories>
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:      </Data>
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] >>>:  
Horde_Core_ActiveSync_Driver::changeMessage(INBOX, 398024 ...)
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] >>>: Adding flags to the IMAP server.
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] >>>: STATE: Updating state during flags
[6741][2018-11-23T21:05:14+00:00] I:     </Modify>

If you can include the enclosing <SYNC> tag too, that would be best.

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