[horde] Standalone Horde server access disabled overnight (wrong username or password)

Louis-Philippe Allard lp.allard.1 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 11:17:50 UTC 2019

  Quoting Arjen de Korte <build+horde at de-korte.org>:

> Citeren L A <lp.allard.1 at gmail.com>:
>> On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 8:44 AM L A <lp.allard.1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have been running Horde on a Centos VPS (located at home) for 7+years
>>> now, and it always worked great.  Yesterday I was using it without issues.
>>> It is configured to use my GMail account as auth backend.
>>> /var/www/html/horde/imp/config/backends.php has this in it:
>>> // IMAP server
>>> $servers['imap'] = array(
>>>   // ENABLED by default; will connect to IMAP port on local server
>>>   'disabled' => false,
>>>   'name' => 'GMail IMAP Server',
>>>   'hostspec' => 'imap.gmail.com',
>>>   'hordeauth' => true,
>>>   'protocol' => 'imap',
>>>   'port' => 993,
>>>   // Plaintext logins are disabled by default on IMAP servers (see RFC
>>> 3501
>>>   // [6.2.3]), so TLS is the only guaranteed authentication available by
>>>   // default.
>>>   'secure' => 'ssl',
>>> );
>>> Like I said this server has worked flawlessly for years.  This morning, I
>>> cannot login to my Horde server.  I get "Login failed because your username
>>> or password was entered incorrectly." at the login page.
>>> I have confirmed that I can login to gmail.com using the same
>>> credentials, and it works.  My android phone also works with gmail without
>>> issues.  So what happened?  Its a major issue because I am managing a condo
>>> property and use this horde install for calendar/tasks/contacts so now I'm
>>> locked out...
>>> Anybody can help?
>> Geez I forgot to add the log's contents:
>> Feb 20 09:25:52 centos-mail HORDE: [horde] PHP ERROR:
>> call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class
>> 'Horde_Deprecated' does not have a method 'verifySignedUrl' [pid 1158 on
>> line 1196 of "/usr/share/pear/Horde.php"]
>> Feb 20 09:25:53 centos-mail HORDE: [imp] [login] Mail server denied
>> authentication. [pid 1158 on line 730 of
>> "/var/www/html/horde/imp/lib/Imap.php"]
>> Feb 20 09:25:53 centos-mail HORDE: [imp] FAILED LOGIN for XXXXXXX at gmail.com
>> (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) to {imap://imap.gmail.com:993/} [pid 1158 on line 157 of
>> "/var/www/html/horde/imp/lib/Auth.php"]
>> Feb 20 09:25:53 centos-mail HORDE: [horde] FAILED LOGIN for
>> XXXXXXX at gmail.com to horde (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) [pid 1158 on line 199 of
>> "/var/www/html/horde/login.php"]
>> Would the problem be on Google's side?  Legacy app access is enabled in my
>> google account (has always been for horde).  I have also ruled out firewall
>> issues.
> Fix your configuration. You should *never* modify  
> 'horde/imp/config/backends.php', only override defaults in  
> 'horde/imp/config/backends.local.php' like
> <?php
> $servers['imap']['name'] = 'GMail IMAP Server';
> $servers['imap']['hostspec'] = 'imap.gmail.com';
> $servers['imap']['hordeauth'] = true;
> $servers['imap']['port'] = 993;
> $servers['imap']['secure'] = 'ssl';
> Then enable debugging
> $servers['imap']['debug'] = '/tmp/imp_imap.log';
> The information in the logfile should provide clues why Gmail won't  
> let you in.
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Thanks for replying,  I take good note of the backend.php file.  I  
modified the config files as instructed.  After much investigating, I  
found that the issue was at Google's end.  None of my local  
applications could use my gmail account to authenticate (SAB,  
sendmail, etc) they are all throwing authentications errors or  
variants of such.

I wrote on google product forums, and theyre are tons of people with  
identical issues (Outlook, etc).

Today this is working as normal.  Google must have wrecked a setting  
somehow in our account settings.

That makes me question the choice of using Gmail as IMP's backend.   
What would be a more local (under my control) solution and still have  
IMP work with GMail for emails?

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