[horde] Our domain has to be changed.

Andy Dorman adorman at ironicdesign.com
Wed Mar 6 13:45:10 UTC 2019

On 3/6/19 12:49 AM, ANANT S ATHAVALE wrote:
> Hi,
> Our domain is changing from isac.gov.in to ursc.gov.in.
> Need some tips, as most of the horde database user contents would be 
> associated with old domain.
> Basically need guidance on changing the contents of database where old 
> domain name is referenced.

I have only thought about this for a few minutes so I am sure I am 
missing something, but it seems to me that what you want to do is:

1. make sure DNS for the new domain is set up so that all the records 
and host names point to the same resources (smtp servers, IMAP servers, 
HTTP servers, etc)

2. make sure those resources will handle requests for the new domain 
(and try to not break the old domain requests if you can).

3. modify your Horde IMP and other configs to use the new domain name to 
access the resources.

So I think the conversion is going to mostly involve DNS and modifying 
the various servers involved in email/webmail to handle requests for 
resources using the new domain name.

Based on working with our customers that have gone through domain name 
changes, the biggest challenge has always seemed to be getting their 
users to modify their email clients to use the new domain host names 
before the old domain expires.

Hope this helps a little.

Andy Dorman
Ironic Design, Inc.

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