[horde] Weather Underground API

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Sun Mar 17 04:11:34 UTC 2019

Quoting Arjen de Korte <build+horde at de-korte.org>:

> If you've used the Weather Underground API for displaying weather  
> info and wonder why it no longer works:
> https://apicommunity.wunderground.com/weatherapi/topics/end-of-feb-wu-api-update
> There doesn't seem to be an option for a free API key anymore, so  
> this probably needs an update in the the Horde configuration as well.

Ugh. We should just remove support for WU completely. It's not only no  
longer free, but it's completely gone. Replaced by a completely  
different API specifically for owners of personal weather stations,  
with less focus on forecasting. The non-free API is the parent  
company's, The Weather Company, expensive subscription service. Not a  
fit for Horde. Either way, the existing WU driver is useless.

Looks like the other driver I wrote for World Weather Online has also  
done away with their free service.

Looks like it's time to once again change out Horde's weather service  
drivers. Sigh.

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