[horde] Kronolith Email Notification

Ad-Min admin at 123.dynu.com
Sun Apr 28 02:30:27 UTC 2019

I am unable to get horde-alarms working. I posted here but didn't receive any
responses. Not surprising since there aren't many Horde users on windows.


In any case, I have a couple of more general questions. 

First issue:

* In Preferences > calendar > notifications, I have enabled "Choose if you
want to be notified of new, edited, and deleted events by email" along with
the calendar options, set "Choose how you want to receive reminders for
events with alarms" to EMAIL and set the email address to
1234567890 at mydomain.com.

* I created a script to trap these messages and extract the mobile number,
event title and date and create and insert those into gammu db for sending
one hour before the event.

Problem: only one account (the administrator account) sends these
notification messages to the mobile at gateway address per the preferences. The
other accounts (including the admin one) send to the account email address.
I can't find any differences in the preferences between any of these

Second issue:

Is there a way to insert into the notification email the notification alarm
setting in minutes? My script that updates gammu uses a fixed 60 minutes and
it would be great if the message contained a user controlled variable.

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