[horde] LDAP configuration and hooks

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Sun Dec 15 17:02:00 UTC 2019

Zitat von David Wells <dwells at alfavinil.com>:

> El 07/12/2019 a las 02:35 p. m., Jan Schneider escribió:
>>> Thank you very much for your reply!
>>> Your code didn't work "as is" for me but it was a good starting  
>>> point. I mixed a bit of your code with the hooks.php.dist sample  
>>> and got it working. Here is the code that did the trick for future  
>>> reference.
>>>> $username = 'dwells at fliawells.com.ar';
>>>> $factory = $GLOBALS['injector']->getInstance('Horde_Core_Factory_Ldap');
>>>> $ldap = $factory->create('horde', $factory->getConfig('auth'));
>>>> $result =  
>>>> $ldap->search($GLOBALS['conf']['ldap']['user']['basedn'],  
>>>> Horde_Ldap_Filter::create('userPrincipalName', 'equals',  
>>>> $username), array('attributes' => array('mail', 'cn')));
>>>>    if ($result->count())
>>>>     {
>>>>        $entry = $result->shiftEntry();
>>>>        $mail = $entry->getValue('mail', 'single');
>>>>        $fullname = $entry->getValue('cn', 'single');
>>>>     }
>>>> print $mail;
>>>> print $fullname;
>>> The piece of code that just wasn't working is the findUserDN  
>>> method which reported the following exception
>>>> exception 'Horde_Exception_NotFound' with message 'Could not  
>>>> fetch entry userPrincipalName=dwells at fliawells.com.ar: no entry  
>>>> found' in /usr/lib64/php/Horde/Ldap.php:1080
>>> If someone could help me figure out what could be wrong with this  
>>> I would appreciate it but at least I can go on with this task.
>> Well, the message is pretty clear.
> Good morning.
> As you very wisely stated the message is pretty clear. What isn't at  
> all clear is the cause of this message. The entry actually is in the  
> directory and using tools like ldapsearch I can find this sam entry  
> with no problems at all. Actually if you take a look at the code  
> that is working and I submitted previously on this thread, you'll  
> see that the query that is working is looking for exactly the same  
> entry that the findUserDN method seems to be looking for. If this  
> was an openldap server I would turn debuging on to be able to  
> inspect the queries sent to the server but as this is not the case  
> and since I haven't been able to turn on the same debuging on on  
> samba is why I'm asking if someone could help me understand what the  
> above mentioned method might be looking for.

So the object DOES exist. I still don't know which findUserDN method  
you mean. Finally, you don't seem to use the latest Horde_Ldap  
release, at least the line number of the exception doesn't match the  
current source code.

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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