[horde] Git Install - delink some applications.

Simon B simon.buongiorno at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 16:53:50 UTC 2020


Now that my new git clone is "mostly" working, I thought it better to
open topic specific threads, so apologies for the avalanche.

Obviously git clone/pull downloads the entire repository, which is ok
and sensible, but horde-git-tools dev install symlinks the entire
repository, and whilst there are sensible security measures in place,
it would be ideal if one could enable the symlinking of ONLY the
applications required (especially since some are in an
unfinished/terminal state).  Perhaps by editing registry.local.php?

Is this possible?  Should I add a feature request?

It would also be good to have them hidden from
https://webmail.example.net/admin/config/ if they will not be

On the topic of registry.local.php

I am serving all the apps from webmail.example.net/imp,
webmail.example.net/kronolith, etc.

If I follow the recommendation...
$app_fileroot = '/usr/share/horde-beta/';
$app_webroot = '/';

the behaviour is really unpredictable.  Mostly though clicking on the
links in the header bar redirect the users to the horde start page.
Is it possible that the trailing / in the $app_fileroot is the
problem?  I have no issues when using the following config.

 $app_fileroot = '/usr/share/horde-beta/';
 $app_webroot = '..';



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