[horde] Kronolith 4.2.27 on Horde 5.2.22 - No supported IMAP authentication method could be found.

Jens-U. Mozdzen jmozdzen at nde.ag
Tue Jan 7 15:03:40 UTC 2020

Hi T,

Zitat von director_de at yahoo.de:
> I use kolab-16 (which is actually kolab-3). In which file must I  
> change which value to enable Kolab debug Logging?Thanks for your  
> help in advance!T

https://lmgtfy.com/?q=horde+imap+debug might get you to  
https://wiki.horde.org/Doc/Dev/Debug, where it reads:

--- cut here: debug instructions ---
IMP: IMAP/POP3 Debugging

To enable debugging, see instructions contained in  
imp/config/backends.php (the 'debug' config parameter).
--- cut here ---

That file has the "Advanced IMAP Server" example, which shows the use  
of the debug parameter. I'd recommend to pre-create the according log  
file, as I don't recall if the debug code will skip logging if the  
file isn't present in advance.

Of course, you should not edit that file, but your local IMAP server  
definition instead, probably in imp/config/backends.d/*.

Raw debugging should not be necessary in the first step.

Since you wrote that you're using a post-Kolab2 version, you'll likely  
be out of luck accessing the IMAP-stored Kolab objects. From what I  
can tell and know, Horde's Kolab integration code has never been  
updated to the new format, as Kolab decided to switch to a new web  
front-end, too, during introduction of Kolab3.


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